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Terms and Conditions

Pelicano assumes that in the acquisition of any service provided by Pelicano is aware of and accepts the Terms and Conditions published herein.

Data Protection

All data provided in the subscription of any service must be true and innogable. Pelicano is entitled to refuse service if your data is not true and complete. Your data will be used only by Pelicano's technical staff and is safeguarded with the utmost secrecy under the GDPR legisliation. In no way will they be disclosed to third parties or used for the purpose of abusive advertising. This data will only be provided to other persons for legal reasons or that are defined in accordance with the law. You may request the complete removal of this data in writing.

Satisfaction Policy

As a guarantee of satisfaction you have the right to request a provisional access, where you can test our service and verify that it satisfies you, there will no longer be any return after subscribing to any service.

All topics mentioned in this document may be changed without notice, and it is still possible to supplement this document with new topics and rules whenever we find it necessary.