The Central Latière de Sidi Bouzid (CLSB) is an industrial complex of the dairy sector, part of Delice Group in Tunisie.

It is situated in Sidi Bouzid, in the central region of Tunisia.

CLSB has a WWTP with classical Biological reactor, which capacity became limited by the increase in production.

The aim of CLSB was the study of the best extension solution, that took into consideration the interests of the company, the accomplishment of the applicable law and the local constrainments, namely for sludge disposal.

For this study, CLSB could count with the support of Pelicano which also included the bid preparation and the TK Offers evaluation for decision support.  

The study integrated the following phases:

  • The survey with characterisation of the different fluxes
  • The process concept, integrating the existing plant
  • The pre-design of the several phases
  • The bid preparation elements
  • The evaluation offer and report to support decision

Although the presence of O&G with certain concentrations, the plant extension is not including Physic-chemical treatment with DAF, due to the difficulty to dispose primary sludges.

The study also included a possible anaerobic digestion for the primary and excess sludge.

The selection of CLSB was for the classic biological reactor that was designed in a very conservation extended aeration system with nitrification- denitrification.

Plant characteristics:

Daily flow – 2 000 m3/d

COD load – 8 400 Kg/d

Population Equivalent– 70 000 Inhabitants

Wastewater - Industrial (dairy sector)

Process line:

The process line is composed by:

Pre-treatment with coarse screen and buffering tank

Biological reactor and clarifier

Sludge thickening dewatering

Extension line:

Integration with the existing units:

Buffering tank  

Biological reactor with nitrification – denitrification and secondary clarifier

Sludge thickening and dewatering.

Also, in the scope the Bid elements were prepared as well as offers evaluation for decision support.


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