Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos

The WWTP extension was integrated in the Indáqua Matosinhos Concession, which for an audit to the new plant was requested.  

This new infrastructure includes the improvement of Primary treatment, a new Physico-Chemical and Biological treatment, Sludge anaerobic digestion with biogas co-generation and odour treatment. 

For this integration Matosinhos Municipality could count on the support of Pelicano that performed the audit, in order to evaluate:  

a) The several process KPI’s 

b) The status of existing equipment’s  

c) The team composition, appropriate to the plant extension 

This project, because of its characteristics and the inclusion of Anaerobic sludge Digestion with biogas energy production, has an important contribution for Climate Neutrality. 

With the energy auto-consumption, the emission to atmosphere is decreased by 350.000 Kg of CO2. 

Plant Characteristics:

Daily flow – 52.600 m3/d 

Population Equivalent – 330.000 Inhabitants 

Wastewater - Urban (Domestic + Industrial)  

Process Line:

The process line is composed by: 

Pre-treatment with coarse and fine screen, sand/fat trap 

Primary treatment with physic-chemical assistance and Primary decanters 

Biological treatment - Oxidation ditch  

Primary and Biological thickners 

Sludge Anaerobic digestion  

Biogas cogeneration  

Odour treatment   


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